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Privacy Policy


All information and pricing provided on this website is subject to an Omissions and Error Disclaimer.

All pricing and product sold is checked at the point of dispatch, any errors discovered can be, and will be, rectified at this point.Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd is committed to providing a high level of service, and will notify you direct if there is a typographical or illustration error on our website.

It will be then be the customer's choice whether to proceed with the Sale, transaction or options Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd management have provided.

Refund Policy

You are entitled to a refund, repair, exchange or credit if product purchased is:

  • Faulty.
  • Significantly different to those shown or described to you.

The customer should choose carefully, consumer law states you don't automatically get a refund for simply changing your mind, unless this was a condition of the sale or part of our written policy. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

Additionally, be aware ...The price does not include warranty outside the country of sale.

Payment & Collection of Data Policy

We Accept Credit Card Payments Only: Visa & MasterCard only.

Your payment can be made through ANZ E-Gate, (Secure Credit card payment online), which at Checkout, is automatically re-directed to ANZ E-gate Online, (SSL Secure).

We will despatch your order, product, once funds are received and cleared.

Contact: Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd: (03) 9318 9616 for any additional payment queries.

(Personal cheques are not accepted).

Questions you may have in relation to ANZ E-Gate:

Q: What is Bank Hosted

A: Bank Hosted means that, after 'checking out' of our website, purchasers are re-directed to a secure page hosted by ANZ E-Gate to submit their card details. Then, following an approved or declined message is displayed, the purchaser is returned to a results page on our website. Bank Hosted mode is sometimes also referred to as Server Hosted mode.

Q: What is an SSL secure page?

A: SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is encryption software that is used to protect information that is entered into a web page. All websites that accept card payments must use SSL encryption to protect card details from being obtained by unauthorised users. Commonly, a padlock is displayed at the bottom right of a page that is SSL secure.

Q: How secure is ANZ eGate?

A:For cardholders: The use of SSL certificates on either the Bank Hosted payment page or the Merchant Hosted payment page ensures that customer card details are protected from interception during transmission.

The risk of unauthorised access of card details is greatest where card details are stored by the merchant's website. This is why, as a requirement of use, merchants using ANZ E-Gate must protect any stored card details by encryption. Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd, does not collate, or store your (customer) credit card details, nor is this information retained for use in any form of a database.

Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd has not and will not provide authority for any third party to purchase and / or store your (customer) private details. All customer information remains the exclusive property of Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Limited Warranty / Warranties

All new products are sold with limited warranties. The terms of the warranty vary depending upon the supplier and product. Please call 03 9318 9616 for further details.

Except to the extent required by law or to the extent otherwise specified, Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd, provides no separate warranty.


Because, prices, product descriptions and availability can change quickly, Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information on this website and will not be responsible for any typographical errors or errors in illustrations, pictures or descriptions.

Pictures of products are for illustration only and actual product may differ for the picture shown. Products represented on this site are not always in stock. All item descriptions, images, product logos, availability and pricing are subject to change at any time without notice.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that any purchase decisions are based on current information by contacting Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd on (03) 9318 9616

Supply of Product

Please note that certain products may need to be ordered from suppliers and delays may occur depending upon availability from independent suppliers.

Every effort will be made to source the product on behalf of our customers in a timely manner. If stock is not be available to ship within days specified one of our friendly staff will contact you to advise availability and timeframe.

We suggest if a customer needs specific delivery dates, please call our business direct on (03) 9318 9616, before placing your order to ensure that you clearly understand the likely delivery time for your order. Please note, however, that because we are reliant on suppliers and freight companies, we cannot guarantee delivery times even where we have provided an estimate.

Where more than one item is ordered, items may not arrive simultaneously. There will be no additional freight charge to you in this instance, unless your items are sent separately at your request.

Please note that certain products may not be available where existing stocks are exhausted and suppliers are unable to meet orders from Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd. Where this is the case and you have already placed an order we will notify you as soon as practicable, after we become aware of the non-availability and will refund your purchase price in full.

Please double check all contact details provided so our staff can contact you if needed.

Privacy Statement


Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd is committed to adopting the highest standards to safeguard your personal information. Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd like other companies operating in Australia is bound by the National Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1988. Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd policy on the collection, use and disclosure of customer personal information is set out below:

What Personal Information does Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd collect and why?

Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd collects personal information about you in order to provide personalised product and information services.

(The personal information you provide to Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd will enable us to make offers of products and services to you. The type of personal information we collect may include your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, what you buy, when you buy and how much you spend, information on your browsing activity when visiting one of our websites, and personal preferences regarding flags. This information helps us develop and make available products to suit your needs.

How Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd may use your Personal Information:

The personal information you provide Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd may be collected, used and disclosed for a number of purposes connected with our business operations, which include:

  • Processing your orders or applications;
  • Providing you with products and / or services requested;
  • Billing and administering your account;
  • Dealing with requests, enquiries, complaints and other customer care related activities;
  • Carrying market & product analysis, and marketing our products and services generally;
  • Registering your details or offering you discounts

(We may also use your personal information for purposes related to those described above which would be reasonably expected by you. For example, we may use your personal information to keep you informed about features of our products and services or conducting analysis in order to provide better service to you. To opt-out of receiving marketing materials, you will need to unsubscribe.

(To do this please send us, or email with "unsubscribe" in the Subject Field to: or alternatively call us on: 03 9887 2588.

Sharing your Personal Information

(Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd will not disclose information about you to third parties unless law enforcement agencies require your details to assist in the prevention of criminal activities; Security of your Personal Information.

(Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete, up-to-date and stored in a secure environment protected from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

How to access your Personal Information

(Upon your request, Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd will let you know, generally, what sort of personal information we hold, for what purposes and how we collect, use and disclose that information. Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd does not collect, nor store Credit Card information from their clients.

(Upon your request, Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd) will provide access to your personal information we hold, except in certain prescribed circumstances, including emergency situations, specified business imperatives and law enforcement or other public interests.

Additional information for users of our Website

(While we take great care to protect your personal information on our Website, unfortunately no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Accordingly, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you send to us or receive from us online. This is particularly true for information you send to us via email. We have no way of protecting that information until it reaches us. Once we receive your transmission, we make our best effort to ensure its security in our possession.

(Abel Concepts (Aust) Pty Ltd may contain links to other sites.

(We are not responsible for the privacy practices or policies of those sites.)

List of cookies we collect

The table below lists the cookies we collect and what information they store.

COOKIE name COOKIE Description
CART The association with your shopping cart.
CATEGORY_INFO Stores the category info on the page, that allows to display pages more quickly.
COMPARE The items that you have in the Compare Products list.
CURRENCY Your preferred currency
CUSTOMER An encrypted version of your customer id with the store.
CUSTOMER_AUTH An indicator if you are currently logged into the store.
CUSTOMER_INFO An encrypted version of the customer group you belong to.
CUSTOMER_SEGMENT_IDS Stores the Customer Segment ID
EXTERNAL_NO_CACHE A flag, which indicates whether caching is disabled or not.
FRONTEND You sesssion ID on the server.
GUEST-VIEW Allows guests to edit their orders.
LAST_CATEGORY The last category you visited.
LAST_PRODUCT The most recent product you have viewed.
NEWMESSAGE Indicates whether a new message has been received.
NO_CACHE Indicates whether it is allowed to use cache.
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART A link to information about your cart and viewing history if you have asked the site.
POLL The ID of any polls you have recently voted in.
POLLN Information on what polls you have voted on.
RECENTLYCOMPARED The items that you have recently compared.
STF Information on products you have emailed to friends.
STORE The store view or language you have selected.
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE Indicates whether a customer allowed to use cookies.
VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDS The products that you have recently viewed.
WISHLIST An encrypted list of products added to your Wishlist.
WISHLIST_CNT The number of items in your Wishlist.
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