Early this year , when Jennie Russell , Abel Sports Operation manager ,requested manufacturing specifications from her Engineers for the new 15m high AFL goal posts to be installed at the Sydney Cricket Ground , as usual ,she supplied information regarding soil conditions , wind rating etc , but failed to mention the possibility of the posts being climbed.

Fortunately for Sydney Swans Captain , Dane Rampe , all Abels goal posts are custom made by their experienced staff in their Melbourne, Sunshine West Factory.

The white powder coated aluminum AFL goal posts have 4m steel spigots inserted in the aluminum outer skin and then are welded to a solid galvanised steel hinged base plate.

You would need a bulldozer to push them over and even super gorilla King Kong would have problems shaking them.

Todays goal posts are so solid , it is doubtful if they could even be shaken enough to spoil the player kicking for goal.

Abel Sports manufacture goal posts for AFL , Soccer and Rugby and can be found in most major Stadiums throughout Australia.

Abel Sports bringing safety to your sports grounds !