The Australian Department of Veteran’s Affairs created the Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Programme to help preserve Australia’s wartime heritage and to encourage involvement of communities in activities, and projects, that highlight the ‘service and sacrifice of Australia’s servicemen and women in wars, conflicts and peace operations’. The grants also aim to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the roles that those who served, have played in shaping the nation.

The Community Commemorative Grants (CCG) are Grants that can provide up to $4,000 for community-based commemorative projects and activities. Locally significant community memorials, preservation of wartime memorabilia and the erection of flagpoles, where none exist to fly the Australian National Flag, are examples of the types of activities and projects that may be funded.

CCG applications can be submitted to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs at any time. There is no set funding round of closing date for CCG applications. Community and ex-service organisations, schools and other educational institutions, museums and cultural institutions, State/territory and local government authorities and non-profit community organisations are all eligible to apply for Community Commemorative Grants.

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