Safety in Sport is becoming a major issue for all sporting codes and this was highlighted in a recent Asian Champion League soccer match in Thailand, where Brisbane Roar’s goal keeper Jamie Young was injured when a broken hoop, on the inside of the goalpost, connected with his arm as he dived to stop a Muangthong United striker score the opening goal.  The injury required stitches and the goal keeper had to be taken off the field and replaced by a substitute.


Abel Sports do not compromise on design and quality and strive to  ensure their products are manufactured to exacting standards of safety as well as meeting the needs of current Australian OH & S legislation.

Abel Sports soccer goals have a safe net clip tracking system, with nylon net clips, which are both safe for stadium, and open ground use.  No council or stadium should be using goals that have exposed/protruding hooks and which can cause serious injury.  If you want to understand the benefits of the Abel Sports Soccer product range, from both a safety and storage perspective, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 193 714