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Defender Range Net Systems

Defender Range Net Systems
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Abel Defender Range Temporary/Portable Barrier Net Systems cater for a range of applications.

Professionally engineered, the Abel Defender Range features strong, light weight High tensile Aluminium Net Poles for easy installation & removal. The Abel Defender Range when combined with Abel Premium Quality Barrier Netting is the preferred choice for leading stadiums & sports facilities throughout Australia.

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Model No. Pole Height Dia. (mm) Pole Qty Spacing Total Span
ANP3500-2X10 3.5m 80 2 10m 10m
ANP3500-3X20 3.5m 80 3 10m 20m
ANP3500-4X30 3.5m 80 4 10m 30m
ANP3500-5x40 3.5m 80 5 10m 40m
ANP3500-6x50 3.5m 80 6 10m 50m
ANP5000-2X10 5.0m 100 2 10m 10m
ANP5000-3X20 5.0m 100 3 10m 20m
ANP5000-4X30 5.0m 100 4 10m 30m
ANP5000-5x40 5.0m 100 5 10m 40m
ANP5000-6x50 5.0m 100 6 10m 50m
ANP6000-2X10 6.0m 125 2 10m 10m
ANP6000-3X20 6.0m 125 3 10m 20m
ANP6000-4X30 6.0m 125 4 10m 30m
ANP6000-5x40 6.0m 125 5 10m 40m
ANP6000-6x50 6.0m 125 6 10m 50m
TBN (hinged posts) 12.0m 100 4 10m 30m
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